November 21, 2014

Gloria, In Tom Deo

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Ahh, Tom Peterson, what a guy! He was the glory of late night TV hucksterism (with integrity), American bootstrapping one’s way to a fortune (and out of it) and rising from the ashes.

This mug is from the post fortune era, when Tom started to slow down a bit in his old age the family was down to the last store Tom Peterson & Gloria’s Too. They were ostensibly retired most of the time, leaving a lot of the heavy lifting up to the kids, but still acting as visiting dignitaries and elder sages.

“Wake up! Wake up to a happy day!”

November 21, 2014

Red Hart Stein


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German stoneware o.5 L drinking stein with pewter lid. It is decorated with a leaping stag or hart in red being chased by a yellow dog all on a blue field.  By Reinhold Merkelbach and probably 1950′s to early 1960′s vintage given the form of the Reinh. Merkelbach, Höhr-Grenzhausen makers mark.

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November 20, 2014

Camera In Camera

8 8 010

Coffee cup featuring eerie pictures of vintage Leica cameras, they’ll make you shutter.

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November 20, 2014

Sambo’s Had It. Now We Have It (Again).

10 23 001

We have a pair of circa 1976 Sambo’s coffee cups and now is your chance to get a Fraction Of The Action from yesteryear.

Sambo’s was famous/infamous for a time and then collapsed under the weight of their business success (and dodgy accounting practices). These cups were offered around the bicentennial year and we see them from time to time. Both are in good condition, sold separately.

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November 19, 2014

Stop What You’re Doing: Happy Hour Is Coming


Like a lion amongst the lambs we hope.

Join us tomorrow for another special evening sale at out Portland location from 4 to 7 pm. Everything will be 20% off.

AND we’re offering chances to win extra discounts for only 25¢ each via our special “gumball machine of chance.”

Don’t be a clown, come on down.


November 19, 2014

Blondie! You Know What You Are?


11 7 007

This wind-up doll probably once had a smaller, baby doll she’d rock. Now she just plays a jaunty tune and at the end of it she closes her eyes and steals your soul. Oddly she is slightly creepier in real life.

Other than that she’s in good condition and stands about 18 inches tall.

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November 18, 2014

Vintage ‘Flair’ Coffee Set

10 25 006

Vintage Rogers “Flair” coffee set. Coffee pot, cream pitcher and lidded sugar bowl with a splash of Art Deco styling, but the line dates rather later, circa 1956. The set is in great condition and goes great with Lawrence Welk, middle class ideals and five o’clock shadows.

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November 17, 2014

Gourd-eous & A Knave


On the left, a central American souvenir gourd, complete with feathers, beads, bone, fur and a fake arrowhead made of real flint.  $8

On the right a tricycle riding knave or jester. Push him along and his legs move as the wheels spin. In good condition. Given the paint and such this is probably best used as a cute decoration, or toy or older kids who aren’t going to chew on it. $12

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November 17, 2014

Danish Teak Multi-Drawer Cabinet With Locking Tambour Door

10 18c 008

Very unusual semi-secure vintage storage cabinet. Teak exterior and inside are seven shallow storage drawers behind a rolling tambour door with lock (we have a key for it!). In great condition and works well.

It is 30 inches tall, 15 inches deep and 19 1/2 inches wide.

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November 16, 2014

Brothers & Sisters We Are Gathered Here Today . . .


To speak of GiveGuide!

What is the Give Guide? It’s the Willamette Week’s yearly publication, accompanied by a website, whose primary goal is to facilitate year-end giving to a cross-section of Portland-area non-profit organizations. WW’s Give!Guide is inserted in all 80,000 copies of Willamette Week, and functions much like a catalog. Donors can select one, two or multiple organizations and make a donation online in a single, easy transaction.

And even if you give as little as $10, you receive incentives, gifts in return if you will.

It’s a heck of a deal and we’ve even got our own page.

If you want something more and a position to preach from we’ve got this cool old lectern. Gothic Revival style arch decoration and rustic simplicity all in one. It is in fair condition as it looks like it spent some time on a porch.  It measures about 37 inches tall with a 35 1/4 by 36 1/2 inch foot print.

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