October 23, 2014

Vintage Victrola Cabinet Phono


Electric powered cabinet phonograph by Victrola.  I used an extension cord to test it and it is in working order.  The cabinet shows some signs of abuse during shipping but is in fair shape otherwise. Included are a bunch of vintage 78’s including some gems like the theme from The Third Man (dig that crazy zither music . . . ).

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October 23, 2014

Tualatin Freshies!

Things around here have been busy lately, a lot like stepping out the window and pulling the ground up really fast, so her’s another quick post.

Tall bench or low entry table. It appears to be walnut and is a sleek mid century styled piece. In good condition! $150


Vignette avec le chene, le rotin et l’eclairage. Vintage oak arm chair with adjustable back, side table and coordinating lamp. All in good condition.


Set of three nesting tables, in great shape. also a pair of fine side tables with two drawers each. We’ve been so busy we haven’t had a chance to take the plastic off let alone dust them. It’ll happen I swear.

All items shown are at our Tualatin store, 8380 SW Nyberg St. Open 7 days a week from 10 am to 4 pm.

October 22, 2014

Dorothy Thorpe Style Punch Bowl & Glasses

IMG_1212It  is as the title says. Really not much to add other than all the pieces are in good condition, there are 10 cups and you’ll have to BYOL (bring your own ladle).

The bowl is, conveniently, about 7 x 11.

October 22, 2014

Tualatin, Gettin’ In


Finally some fine new stuff!
With a rare combination of events the stock at our Tualatin store has been a little lean lately. More families are being served and we’ve cleared out old dead stock (really that creamer that’s been here for a year can go away!) and are working to revitalize the place. Frankly it’s been overdue for a good cleaning and some rearrangement. This post is being constructed in an environment of other projects needing attention so it too is lean. If you want more info on these pieces, give the store a call (503 612 0020) or stop by 8380 SW Nyberg St. Tualatin 10 to 4 everyday.

Above we have a nice vintage serpentine front mahogany dresser or sideboard. It has 12 drawers and is in good condition and if time allows can be improved with a dash of Uncle Maurice’s famous snake oil furniture cure. $235

Below is a buffet, it looks to be a newer rather than vintage piece. In good condition.


School days, golden rule days.

Pair of old school desks. $120


October 21, 2014

Jefferson Davis Shrine Plate

8 16 001

For good or ill, I am a New Englander. This includes the full-on hangover of Puritanism, Calvinist miserliness, cynical social liberalism and the memory of abolitionist movements with the bitter and torpid taste of South Boston reality.

So bear that in mind should I respond, in person, to this Jefferson Davis Shrine plate with slight apoplexy.

But we do live in a modern age where all values are relative and my job is to give bad riddance to good rubbish (or something like that).

Jefferson Davis Shrine plate, perfect for an art project too incendiary for me to dare here. Approximately 7 inches in diameter and in good physical condition.

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October 20, 2014

Thursday October 23: Happy Hour 4-7 pm At The Portland Estate Store 20% OFF EVERYTHING


We’re testing out some new stuff, trying to get better at doing what we do. In pursuit of this: we will be open from 4 pm to 7 pm Thursday, October 23rd at our Portland location for a Happy Hour sale. 20% off everything!

Old dogs tries new tricks?

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October 20, 2014

Paul McCobb Planner Group Chair

10 17 002Only one of them though.


Oh well.

This chair likes not walking on the beach, lazy afternoons by the fire and fine dining. Seeks similarly minded good home.

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October 19, 2014

Natuzzi Brown Leather Club Chair & Ottoman

10 18b 001

They say that winter is on its way. Essential for mental health during the dreary season is a comfortable place to rest and perhaps to sleep until spring.  This leather club chair with matching ottoman by Natuzzi should do the trick nicely.


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October 18, 2014

My What A Big Pony!

10 18 001

Cool big rocking horse, big enough to hold at least this adult! It is about 65 inches tall and 58 inches long. It is wood with a brass pole and we’ve been told it is about 35 years old. $300 SOLD

Act now and we can make a deal on the theater scenery sized painting in the background (106 inches by 84 inches, $200).  If the painting isn’t amusement park enough for you it’d be pretty easy to redo in a more fitting theme . . . as modeled below.

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October 18, 2014

Antique Step Chest!

10 17 010

When it rains . . . you’re in Oregon.

In an unexpected twist to the ‘you never know what will come into the store’ motif we have the second step chest of recent times. This one is a bit smaller than our last one but is really nice in its own way.

It is double sided and has seven drawers with an additional cabinet. The hardware is wrought iron and the whole thing is in great condition. It measures 40 inches long, 42 inches tall and 16 deep.


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