October 31, 2014

Fork The Friendly Skies

10 30 010

Ahh the good old days, when the skies were friendly, forks were metal and security theater attendance was limited to the refined classes of the opera house.

Times have changed and steel forks are a thing of the past; somehow we ended up with 13 of them (Witches coven* convention travelers?).

Stainless steel United Airlines forks, approximately 6 1/4 inches long, sold individually $2 each.

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*p.s. Happy Halloween.


October 31, 2014

Jensen Leisure Ipe Outdoor Furniture


10 30 016

Ahh, the rainy season!  It’s time for summer furniture to come in . . . and here it is. A nice square outdoor table with TWO benches, one with a back and one with out. It’s used but in good condition. $650.

We also have a small but NEW with a single slightly cracked slat round table (35 1/2″ diameter) too. We’re asking $195 for that piece.

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October 30, 2014

Awesome & Cute Old Oak Secretary Desk

10 29t 001

This is an interesting old piece, a drop front secretary in dark oak. All the components appear to be solid quarter-sawn timbers. It is 29 1/2 inches wide, 39 1/2 inches tall and 16 inches deep. I’d guess it is from the 1920’s if not earlier. It is in good condition with a few minor dings.

It is at our Tualatin location 8380 SW Nyberg St.

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October 29, 2014

Honking Huge Vintage Commercial Art Panels! Art Sale Saturday Too!

CW Big Wall Art Piece


Seriously BIG pieces of art. Too big to photo decently so please bear with the dodgy images or come check it out in person.

This three panel (triptych) art work appears to date from the 1970’s. It is made of jigsaw cut wood block glued to a heavy composition board backing. Among the three panels two of them bear old bank property inventory tags suggesting, nay declaring that these were once bank lobby art.

We have no idea who made the work. If you do shoot me an email (ed at communitywarehouse dot org).

When assembled it is about 234 inches wide (a.k.a. 19.5 feet). It is in fair condition and would need some restoration to be a museum quality specimen.

Our price at the moment $1950. Why $1950? Well, we need a number and that is a number. It is also year zero in calculating radiocarbon years before present. This momentarily made sense in 1950 when they figured out how to do radiocarbon dates. It seems utterly foolish now but shows that real scientists don’t round to the nearest thousand. More reasonably, $1950 is about $100 per linear foot.

We reserve the right to change the asking price (up or down) pending new info, idle whims and deals too good to refuse.

Yes, we are having an art sale this Saturday. ALL ART IS 50% off, including this diminutive piece.

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October 28, 2014

Our Ship Has Come In

Or a fresh truckload.

Thanks to an incredibly generous local donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, we have just gotten this big pile of stuff.


10 28 019


Holy ship, eh?

It turns out to be a lot of pieces, as shown  below!


October 28, 2014

Save Your Balls Under Pressure

10 9 019

Tennis and racquet ball saver – Keeps ‘Em Factory Fresh by storing them under the proper pressure (as indicated by the built-in gauge). Are your balls “dead,” unresponsive, lacking bounce? No problem. 6 to 8 weeks in the press will bring them back like new.

About 9 1/2 inches tall.

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October 27, 2014

Fall Sales Calendar

sale calendar
Thanks to the foresight and prodding of the forces of order and progress (i.e., April, without whom nothing would work right around here) we’re having several sales in the coming weeks.
Since I’m easily confused we’ve created this handy list to keep it straight and I thought you might want to know about the sales too.

Tualatin: 8380 SW Nyberg St

Art Sale: November 1, 50% of all art and Yellow Tag Saturday 50% off yellow tags
20% off everything  November 15
December 6 Yellow Tag Saturday 50% off yellow tags
20% off everything  December 13

Portland: 3969 NE MLK

Art Sale: November 1, 50% of all art
November 2 Yellow Tag Sunday 50% off yellow tags
Happy Hour November 20 4-7 pm 20% off everything
December 7 Yellow Tag Sunday 50% off yellow tags
Happy Hour December 18, 407 pm 20% off everything

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October 27, 2014

Vintage Raymor MCM Bowl


Classic Italian mid century modern bowl, made in Italy for Raymor. It is in good condition excepting some small glaze pops on the rim. The bowl measures about 10 inches in diameter and just under 5 inches tall.

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October 26, 2014

Vintage British Hall Tree

10 23 013

Every year as the northern hemisphere begins its inexorable tilt away from the sun two patterns would emerge among British hall trees. Some would stay put and hunker down for the winter under layers of woolen scarves, cable knit sweaters and Macintosh jackets. Others would leave, flee for  warmer climes. They’d winter on the Med, in the Caribbean or amidst the ruins of past colonial glory. A few adventurous hall trees would strike out for truly exotic places, like the fabled land of Oregon.

This hall tree did just that and now it’s looking for a new dry place to hunker down. It cries to be loaded with polyester fleece, cable knit sweaters and breathable high-tech fabrics.

This is probably 1920’s or 1930’s vintage. It is in good shape but one hook is broken and the drip pan, as usual, is missing. The mirror is a replacement too. It is 73 1/2 inches tall, 12 1/4 inches deep and 30 inches wide.

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October 25, 2014

MCM Bed Frame Head Board

10 23 021

Swell King sized mid-century modern head-board. Unfortunately we have neither rails nor the foot board.

In good condition, possibly Danish manufacture. The pattern is #356 and the finish is Fresco Walnut, whatever that may be.

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