July 3, 2015

B List Blog Series: We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident


Something like 52% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs, so this can be seen as a generally true statement. I’m not sure what percentage go fishing, but if the above statement is true probably more of us should.

Mug size, featuring angling felines (cats fishing . . . cat fishing?).




July 3, 2015

Holiday Weekend! Yellow Tag Sale!


We know that you shave the belly of a drunken sailor with a rusty razor but what do you do when your favorite sale day falls on a Federal Holiday when you’re closed?

In our case we’re extending the Yellow Tag Sale (50% off) to include both Today (Friday) and Sunday.

All yellow tag items are half price on both days.

We’ll be closed Saturday July 4th in celebration of declaring independence from our colonial overlords.

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July 2, 2015

B List Blog Series: Tinned Box


Vintage tinned steel box, likely once the receptacle for candy. It is in good condition and measures about 4 1/2 by 2 3/4 inches and not including the handle, 2 1/2 inches tall.

That is all.

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July 2, 2015

Swell 1920’s Furniture At Tualatin

We just received several wonderful 1920’s ear pieces at our Tualatin location including a Jacobean Revival hutch and matching sideboard.


The hutch has a break front with false mullion glass, over a large drawer. Interestingly this piece is on casters so that you can easily move it to vacuum up the cat hair or ensure that your collection of vintage china figurines is always in the best possible light. It is about 40 inches wide, 14 deep and 70 inches tall. $350


We also have the companion sideboard, about 60 inches wide, 21 deep and 42 1/4 tall. It has two storage cabinets on either side and two central drawers. the upper drawer is divided for flatware and the lower is double depth.  $350

Both pieces are in good condition and are not marked with a maker’s mark however they each bear a pattern number stamp (number 920).

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July 1, 2015

B List Blog Series: Cactus Mug


As I noted earlier this week, I’m hitting the road and leaving the day to day Estate Store work and such behind. As part of the cleanup we’re getting rid of lingering things, like old blog posts that never quite made the grade.

Welcome to the B-List Blog Series….

Interesting art pottery cactus mug with protruding handle and a shell imprint on the interior base. In good condition and mug sized.

From the right angle it looks rather . . . prickly.

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July 1, 2015

Tell Us How You Really Feel About Modern Art

IMG_3602No really!

Pencils signed and dated print from 1973 titled “Bowel Movement.”

Although it might be a commentary on art it is not an entirely crappy work.

It measures 7 7/8 by 11 7/8 and is in a larger frame.

In good condition.


June 30, 2015

The Dogs Bark, But The Caravan Moves On


Dear Fellow Travelers,

After nearly 10 years in the service of the Community Warehouse I’ve decided to join a passing caravan. I will leave with fond memories and the wish of the best of success for the Warehouse in the ongoing mission of helping some of the most vulnerable people in our community. I’ll dearly miss our customers and you, our readers. I will also miss helping our client families and seeing the positive impact we have in the community. And I will especially miss my co-workers and the Enterprise team. As I’ve struggled in the past year or so to define where my future lies they have proven to be staunch allies, fine minds and great friends. I have every confidence that they will continue to keep the store a vibrant part of the Community Warehouse.

I’m moving to the private sector, in an arena where I’ll be exposed to a whole new and vast array of material culture and things that I’d be lucky to see here at the Warehouse. Great design, famous names, high quality art, and items of antiquity. I’m excited at this prospect, the chance to learn new things, to see new areas of material culture and the chance to work on some of my own, long-neglected projects (email me at edkitson24 at gmail dot com for notification of when they kick off).

We’re still working out some of the transition details, but I’ll still be around in some capacity after my official last day of July 10th. Whatever form that takes, I’ll definitely be an ongoing supporter of the Community Warehouse.

After so many years it’s tough to move on, but I’m excited for new adventures; the team that will take over is great and I know they will be move the store forward to new and better things.

I’d like to thank you dear friends, readers, and accomplices. Thanks for reading this blog over the years. Thanks for shopping at the store. And thank you especially for your continuing support of the Community Warehouse. Without your help, we’d just be a warehouse, an empty shell without the strength that allows us to help make our society a better place to live.

Thank you and safe travels!


Dog paintings by Colin Ashford 2002. No larger than 5 x 7. $5 each.


June 30, 2015

Vintage Mid-Century Tray, Denmark


High quality brass or bronze tray featuring neo-primitivist horse and bull etchings. Oval shape about 5 inches by 11 inches. Stamped Made In Denmark and bearing the worn and regrettably unreadable remnants of a paper label.

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June 29, 2015

Three Rabbis Walk Into A Tchotchke Shop


Individually numbered and seemingly limited edition (#445 of 500) cast resin scene with three rabbis studying. Marked R Wright, Kaplan, and copyright 1970.

It is on a wooden base which is 16 1/2 inches wide, 7 3/4 deep and they stand 8 3/4 inches tall.

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June 29, 2015

Vintage Blue Willow Divided Plate


The “old blue” that we hang about our walls as ornaments were the common every-day household utensils of a few centuries ago; and the pink shepherds and the yellow shepherdesses that we hand round now for all our friends to gush over, and pretend they understand, were the unvalued mantel-ornaments that the mother of the eighteenth century would have given the baby to suck when he cried.

Will it be the same in the future? Will the prized treasures of to-day always be the cheap trifles of the day before? Will rows of our willow- pattern dinner-plates be ranged above the chimneypieces of the great in the years 2000 and odd? Will the white cups with the gold rim and the beautiful gold flower inside (species unknown), that our Sarah Janes now break in sheer light-heartedness of spirit, be carefully mended, and stood upon a bracket, and dusted only by the lady of the house?

Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men In A Boat


Willow pattern divided dish the ‘Ideal Grill Plate’ Made in USA, about 10 1/4 inches in diameter. In excellent condition.

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