August 29, 2014

Shakers In The Spirit Of Scandinavian Detente

8 23b 002

Mid-century wood and metal salt and pepper shakers. The shakers were made in Sweden but oddly the stoppers are marked as made in Denmark.

The set is in good condition and the shakers are about 4 inches tall.

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August 29, 2014

Awesome Antique Oak Boookcases

8 28 003

Probably from the turn of the century, plus or minus a few years these oak book cases are spectacular finds. They were originally in a library in western New York, in the Finger Lakes region.

8 28 007

Each shelf level is removable meaning these can be easily hauled up stairs, into garret apartments or even hauled home on the bus.

The smaller unit consists of seven tiers and is 87 1/2 inches tall, 52 wide and just over 10 inches deep. $750

The larger one has nine levels and measures about 110 inches tall, 51 wide and just over 10 inches deep. $875

Of course use of one or more of the sections is optional, but due to slight variations in width the shelves are not interchangeable between the units.


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August 28, 2014

Drexel Declaration Dining Table With Two Leaves

8 27 012

1960 Drexel Declaration walnut extension dining table, model number 851-340-37. It’s the immediately recognizable ‘squished circle’ shape that declares Declaration.

We are fortunate to still have the leaves and the set is in good condition overall. There are a few small scratches, a repaired piece of veneer on one edge and a slight mark on the table top. The mark is not immediately visible, but can be see in oblique light where the texture of the surface reflects light differently. It is shown in the slide show below.

When set up with out the leaves the table is about 44 inches in diameter. Each leaf is 22 inches wide.

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August 27, 2014

Vintage Shard Shaped Coffee Table

8 26 011

Vintage home-built coffee table. Made in 1960 by Mr. Woods for Mrs. Woods and now, 54 years later needs a new home. It is a neat piece, crazy long at 85 inches but then not terribly wide (21 inches max.) and the usual coffee table height of 15 inches.

Alternatively it’d make a memorable body for a bass guitar.

Who cares that you can’t play if you’ve got the biggest bass either side of the Pecos and your amps go to 11?

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August 27, 2014

Too Much Junk? Need More Trunk?

8 26 003We can help.

Three nice vintage foot lockers in your choice of green or orange. They all have been used but still bear the original ‘dust proof closure’ stickers from about 1975. We have two keys for each of them too.

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August 26, 2014

Spend A Penny In Indianapolis

8 21 001

Vintage pay toilet token from Indianapolis, Indiana. Pay to use toilets were a common feature of the 20th century landscape. In the early days they often cost a penny to use hence the origin of the ‘spend a penny’ euphemism. They were popular up to 1970’s when a partially successful nationwide effort was made to outlaw them (with interesting editorial commentary). The maker of this token, the Nik-O-Lok company suffered in the downturn but still survives as the number one player in the pay toilet market.

This token is unusual, scarce perhaps. Given the font style I’d guess it dates to the last few years of the pay toilet empire in the 1970’s, before business went down the drain.

8 21 004

August 25, 2014

Indonesian “Flying Mermaid” Figure

8 20 009

A flying mermaid depicting Dewi Sri. Dewi Sri is an ancient earth and mother goddess figure from which all useful plants sprung and is hence associated with success in food, fertility and the family. After the adoption of Hinduism in Indonesian in the first century AD she was meshed with the goddess Lakshmi and both represent prosperity.

She is about 18 inches long and is in great condition.  I’ve no idea what the mirror and comb are about, but I’d guess that she’s a bit touchy about her beauty regimen.

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August 24, 2014

Squeeze Out The Last Drops Of Summer With Schwinn Cruisers!

8 23001

Two matching Schwinn Six cruiser bikes, sold separately though. Each is on 26 inch rims and in good, only slightly used condition. I put air in the tires and checked the Shimano shifting which works fine (six-speed, indexed). Both have entry-level u-locks and the step-through has a basket too. Bike with step through and basket SOLD.

$175 each

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August 23, 2014

An AM Rrrrrradio, Oh-Oh

8 20 013

Vintage GE P-647B portable AM radio. This is a pre-solid state tube model and it still works well.   Once upon a time it would have been great for receiving broadcasts from the famous border stations or pirate radio.

Alas . . . those days are over (unless someone happens to have a mobile broadcast unit available).

This is in excellent condition!

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August 22, 2014

One Foot In 1.5 Seconds On The Western Front

8 19 037

WWI* machine gun belt segment. Designed for the Vickers Maximum (chambered .303 Enfield) this piece held 13 rounds which would take about 1.5 seconds to fire.

About 12 inches long.

8 19 038

*This came out of a collection I acquired some months back. It was an interesting lot. There was a New Testament with the soldiers name and dates he was at various places (November 11th armistice noted in big bold print as you might imagine), trench art, shrapnel (all I can say is holy %#@\#!! that’s frightening stuff) and miscellaneous uniform bits.




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