Antique “New Royal” Sewing Machine in Oak Cabinet

sewing machineP1070753

Needs a new drive belt. Really. The belt is what keeps the machine in place when the lid is closed. Without the belt the machine falls out when you try to close the case. Shouldn’t be so hard to take care of, especially if you live in Portland.

I actually learned to sew on a pedal sewing machine somewhat like this when I was in first grade; it was my grandmother’s first machine and hard to get in trouble with as a new sewer. It’s good to give kids access to machines they can actually understand the inner workings of–helps them build models about how the world works.

10 Comments to “Antique “New Royal” Sewing Machine in Oak Cabinet”

  1. *sigh* I would love to have something like this one day. (I’d use it for quilting up at the lake, where I have the time, but no electricity.) However, I’m not local to you, and I’m on the broke side, so it will have to wait.

    • A.B. Says:
      “We trade even: Lake for sewing machine. Seller pays shipping. Hella deal no? If peg leg anebriated pirate neighbor comes to pdx, we chew off wooden leg (throw in with lake deal, no charge!), then can’t come back to Winnipegleg; silence for you! NO COD (fish or postage fee!), trouts ok. A.B. likes trout, all silvery and speckled, yum, much better tasting than trees….”

      • Oooo, hey! I finally found the “reply” link! Those two comments below should have been “replies”. (I swear, some days I wouldn’t be able to find my nose on my face if it wasn’t for the fact it is always right where I left it.)

  2. Ah, A.B., I think I love you! ;) Alas, the cabin is family owned, so I can’t make the trade myself. However, if you were to show up with the sewing machine, I’d treat you to a week vacation at the lake, with all the jack fish you can eat. (There are trout in the lake, but I don’t have the gear or know-how to catch them, just the jack… aka northern pike. I’m not sure I’ve had anything better than fresh-caught jack, just be careful not to swallow a bone.) I’ll even let you stay in the “thousand dollar a night” suite. (It’s a screened in porch, where you can listen to the breeze in the trees and the loons on the lake all night.)

    • A.B. Says:
      “Thanks though, you keep cabin, it tastes like wood. A.B. wants big giant hole in ground (cheap shipping fits in any size box) and all the water (not so cheap shipping). You keep the Northern Pikes. What good is “She ain’t pretty she just looks that wayband to ornery rodent? bah. A.B. needs lots of water….make nice pond of his own, build lodge, maybe get hi-fi stereo…..If he can get all the water, can sell to L.A. and Vegas (buyer pays shipping, yeah!). Make a killing, retire to nice little villa.”

  3. PS: I recommend coming during wild blueberry season.


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