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July 4, 2009

Real Paintings. Frames Made in Mexico. Portraying Probably Not Mexico.



The name T. Edison is painted, in red, in the lower right of the above river and fields scene. The painting is approximately 44.5″ x 31″ (including frame.) The frame itself, along with HECHO EN MEXICO, reads 24 x 36 $89 with a sticker that adds the additional detail of 540-90 GLL. SOLD!



In contrast, the mountains of tranquility pictured above, has the name S. Hill written in white in the lower right corner. The dimensions (including frame) are approximately 33.5″ x 28″.

Remember those commercials advertising visiting a motel / hotel on a certain weekend and buying real paintings for $100 or $129 or $149? The camera panning over paintings leaning against table legs, walls, each other. Impossible bouquets of flowers in silver bowls, fruit piled on a table, stunning landscapes empty of people.

These may be those. Or not.

July 4, 2009

Saturday Smackdown! Mechanical Zombie Diorama or Skittles, which entertains more?

You turn the crank. The love of your life starts to rise from the dead. You throw up your arms in terror.

Or, you start to rise from the dead and the love of your life throws up her arms in terror. She doesn’t come forward to clasp you to her breast. You rise. She screams. You rise, she screams, you rise, she screams, you rise, she screams . . . endless.

Some things in life are priceless; this would be one of those other things you put on your credit card.

Next up for the pleasure of your fascination, Skittles! Or Toptafel, a game which has earlier origins in the 14th century French game of Quilles, at least according to a company that still makes this game.* A game that’s lasted this long must be fun, no? These are the directions:

Pull the string and send your spinner around the board. Topple as many pins as you can. Laugh frequently.

Now, I’m all for laughing frequently, but I don’t know playing Skittles is going to do it for you, at least not without a few drinks. For a fuller, and funnier explanation than we could give, we link you to the Thrift Shop Romantic.

*Ours, also solid wood and equally well constructed, is   only $30. SOLD!

July 4, 2009

Vintage Hamilton Beach Model G Mixer, ca., 1946 with Beaters and Small Bowl

7 4 037

It’s just like my grandma used to have…It appears to work fine and comes with the original beaters  and a small bowl. 10 speeds with variable “bowl control” base plate. It also has a power take off for juicers or other no longer present accessories. $40.

July 4, 2009

Multicolored Artistic Novelty Fish

627 045

Beaver wanted to learn to play polo to emulate the affectations of the upper classes and ultimately becoming a member of the lesser nobility.  He was upset that his attempts to learn to play polo were stymied by the problem of finding a beaver sized mallet that can used from the back of GMO derived Formicium giganteum (a.k.a. a steed suitable for a 31 centimeter tall critter).

He was further distressed the learn that the peerage he desired, the “Prince of Whales”, was already taken. However, Beaver recognizes the opportunity to gain a toehold in the upper classes, however slight, when it is presented to him.

We present to you, dear readers, His Eminence, Angry Beaver, The Knave of Fishes.

Here he is surrounded by his vassals. They are a colorful lot, literally and figuratively. Beaver would have it no other way.  The foxy fish would be his favorite–if he were allowed as an eminence to have a favorite vassal.

627 046 627 047

627 048 627 049


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