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September 9, 2009

Vintage American Beauty Iron With Clear Red Lucite Handle

American Beauty Iron

Chrome. The iron to go with your pimped out car.

Needs some cleaning but looks to be in decent condition. Measures 9.5 inches long and is heavy enough for the ironer (ironee?) to develop arm muscles in using it. Cord and plug look good, but, really, we have no idea if it works perfectly or not. We’re moving; we’re not in the mood to do the ironing. (Not that we’re ever in the mood to do the ironing, but that’s another issue.)

Iron states that it’s made by the American Electrical Heater Co., Detroit MI, Volts 110-120, Watts 1000. And AC only.

(You’ve heard the story about how Edison used DC to kill an elephant, right?)

September 9, 2009

Small Round Table With Shelf

round 24 x 24 table with shelf

Small round side table with shelf, curved legs. Shelf needs to be dusted; top needs to be refinished. I need a new outfit and a job. You could probably use a better job and a winning lottery ticket. So many things that need to be done . . ..

The Community Warehouse and The Estate Store are still in the midst of moving. Stay tuned for that opening announcement.

Table measures 24 inches in diameter and is 24 inches tall.

September 9, 2009

Jelly Belly Peeps & Props

jelly belly dispenser filled with peeps

Working Jelly Belly jelly bean dispenser. Normally, you’d put in your nickle and get your jelly beans. As it’s currently full of peeps and props, you would put in your nickle and get nothing–none of the peeps being small enough to tumble down through the inner workings.

Angry Beaver, Happy/Angry Dog, Reynard and the Red Pixie are not pictured as they have gone on vacation. They left the rest of the commune under the care of the giant mink covered kiwi bird–also not pictured because the picture with him with his fur pressed against the glass and his beak pointing vainly toward heaven was too disturbing. We exist to amuse and sell you stuff, not give you bad dreams.


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