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May 22, 2010

Forget Tea with the Queen

Have cream and sugar with George Washington.

(Though he started losing his teeth in his twenties, this was not due to any considerable consumption of sugar, but because of treatment of mercury chloride for illnesses such as smallpox, malaria, and “breakbone fever.” Eventually  he had to wear dentures made of hippo ivory and donkey and human teeth.

So remember to brush and floss after meals kids. And don’t ingest any calomel.)

Cream pitcher and lidded sugar bowl made in Bavaria, both in good condition.

May 22, 2010

Who Needs Alaska and Hawaii?

Vintage 48 star flag, probably linen, approximately 4 by 6 feet.

Go contiguous United States!

May 22, 2010

Set of Three Teak Danish Chairs: Say Not Oblivion

Set of three teak mid-century modern dining chairs. They are not marked with a manufacturer, but the underside of the seats is marked NAE 115 Tonder. After a smattering bit of research we discovered that Tonder is a major furniture manufacturing center in Denmark. Ergo these are very likely “Danish” chairs.
Most interestingly it is also home to the Tower Museum and (gasp!) H.J. Wegner Exhibit. Yes folks a museum of Hans Wegner furniture.* If I ever make my pilgrimage to the Lejre Experimental Center I hope to make the 300 km detour to check this out too.

We of course don’t know for certain who these were designed by, but we do know a smoking hot deal on cool furniture.

*unfortunately the author of the page got his Arne Jacobsen and his Wegner confused. Still some good photos though!

May 22, 2010

Angry Beaver Runs Into A Whale of Problem

Never a fan of Moby Dick—though he’s often found it just the right width to prop up a slide projector—Angry Beaver doesn’t know what to do when (as so often happens with him) politeness and friendliness fail in a first encounter situation.

Next time, he tells himself, remember to bring Happy Dog along on the vacation. Everyone likes Happy Dog. And when they don’t, he provides a delectable distraction.

While he’s berating himself, the smaller whale humps forward, bringing him back to his present predicament: Should he lunge to the right and hope to get eaten by the smaller whale who will provide an easier to cut-self-out-of situation, or, at least, a faster transit time? Or should he lunge left because, really, he’s always been a bit claustrophobic?


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