Bow Front Oak Curio Cabinet

I grew up in a house with a china chest / curio cabinet much like this. It was where we stored the fine china only used at Thanksgiving and the hand-painted plates my grandmother treasured as well as the faceted pitcher her then beau won for her at the state fair. After he won it for her, he had it painted with her name and the date with ceramic gold paint. Very fancy. They ended up married. We never used the hand-painted plates or the pitcher.

Because of all this, I cannot imagine a use for this lovely piece of furniture outside of display for family heirlooms. What’s a single geek to do? Display for Star Wars action figures? Pez collection? Loving arrangement of all those devices that no longer have use: first cell phone, Visor, Palm Pilot, Blackberry, iPhone?

It could be an excellent retail store display.

Dimensions: five feet tall, 34½ inches wide at the back, and 14½ inches deep.

2 Comments to “Bow Front Oak Curio Cabinet”

  1. How much are you asking for this. I have been looking for one forever!


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