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November 7, 2010

The Medicine Cabinet of Dr. Caligari? Or the First Medicine Cabinet of Damien Hirst?

There’s something intriguing about this vintage medicine cabinet, if not a little disturbing. It could be used to store antiperspirants, skin cream, toothpaste, and antibiotic ointment. But it could also be refashioned into art. (Making pill bottles and pills into art seems to be thriving movement.)

When I first opened this I half expected to find the glass shelves filled with pastries and petits fours constructed from pills—delights made by an artist whose name I cannot now remember or find via Google. (If you know who I’m talking about, please leave the name in the comments.)

It could also be re-purposed into the kind of shrine that you might want to keep hidden from the casual visitor. Float a flower in a small bowl on the top next to a votive candle and line-up zombie dolls on the shelves. Or you could use it to store and stage your collection of any odd collection of small things.

November 7, 2010

Ready to Be Afraid of Christmas?

Or maybe afraid for Father Christmas since he seems a bit confused, or perhaps totally tripping. He lacks a mouth. That’s got to be disturbing.

He also has a heavy weight derrière, probably from a combination of endless sleigh rides and all those free cookies he must have magically consumed; the weighted ass does allow him to sit up however. We don’t know what the extra long legs allow him to do.

The rest of him is just confusing. One can only believe that the feet are in slippers, thinking anything else is too odd, but does that mean that Santa is a big fan of The Arabian Nights? And did Ms. Clause have nothing but an old quilt to make a robe out of? And that scrap of fur. How poor are they? How does Santa make a living anyway?

There are at least one thousand and one ways to make Christmas a fretful holiday. Perching this guy on the large decorative gourd you put out for Thanksgiving is just one of them.

But if you do, maybe someone will steal him and post photographs of him all over town on a blog dedicated to his sightings. Odder things happen every day.

November 7, 2010

Add Charisma to Your Dining Space: Vintage Ornate Sideboard


Okay, maybe not charisma. You probably can’t achieve charisma with faux antique plastic shell handles. Charm? A fetching winsomeness? Though the curving top of the central drawer seems too studied to appear naïve.

Like many vintage ornate items, this sideboard shows its varied life in the scuffing of some of the multiple details that make up “ornateness,”  such as the wearing away of the veneer in high touch places. But the four drawers slide smoothly and the doors have strong latches.

If you don’t serve the kind of meals that demand storage for multiple tablecloths and serving platters, sideboards are used in home offices to store paper and packs of legal pads, in homes with children to store toys,  and in homes that entertain to store holiday items and as a surface upon which to create displays. Or so the internet tells us. Tell us in the comments what you use your sideboard for, should you already own one.

If you’re in need of one, we’ve always got a few available.

Dimensions: 60 inches wide, 19½ deep, and 37 tall.

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