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November 18, 2010

Reynard Gets A Peek At His FBI File (On Microfiche)

For most citizens an FBI file is nothing to boast about. For most criminals it’s a page or two.  Given his 850 year career of crime Reynard’s file has been converted to microfiche and is installed in a specially constructed cabinet and dedicated reader.

The cabinet was constructed of the side column of a J. Edgar Hoover-era desk when it outgrew a regular file cabinet. The recycled desk construction is 36 inches deep, 22 wide and 30 tall. It has two drawers, a writing shelf and can be easily moved on the attached casters. SOLD!

The reader is a circa 1998, but still fully functional Aladdin Rainbow (RB-1) Color Video Magnifier.

“The versatility of the Aladdin Rainbow video magnifier enables a user to view a variety of objects, pictures, and printed materials including magazines in full-color. The Rainbow offers six settings including full color, black and white, and several selectable foreground and background colors allowing the user to choose which setting best suits his or her individual viewing needs.”

We’re asking $250, which is a steal of a deal compared to others out there. Given the cumbersome size and great mass, we don’t want to ship this.

November 18, 2010


So big it requires the use of ALL CAPS to emphasize its bigness.

It’s a seriously huge 44 inches wide and  82 ½ inches long with two 22 inch leaves, giving it a total length of just over 10 ½ feet. It’s in good condition with minor flaws, namely one corner is slightly abraded and the diagonally opposite corner has a crack in the middle (parallel to the top surface).

Other than moving it through doorways, the largeness of this table has some major benefits. It’s big enough to give you stand-off room from Uncle Maurice during Thanksgiving. More importantly you can be far enough from him that you can pretend not to hear when he asks for a slice of nice Aunt Lydia’s special recipe pie, thereby giving you a better chance at another piece.

If dining in large groups and tormenting your relatives isn’t your thing you can use it as a tent platform or gift it to the local medical school for dissections.

If you were so inclined, recent incarcerations in the international arms trade have opened other opportunities. You could sell it to a rising foreign power as an entry-level aircraft carrier or to a decaying post-colonial empire as a cost conscious alternative to excessive spending.

It can be whatever you want it to be, just bring some strong people with you to move it, because delivery is not available (though we can recommend some folks who’ll do it).

November 18, 2010

At Ed’s House of Ugly, Ugly is Our Business & Business Is Good: Vintage Pendant Lamps

You know that trite role in 19th century literature where there’s one flashy, beautiful and shallow (usually female) character and then there’s the moral and usually ugly sister/cousin/whomever that hovers around in the background and ends up vindicated/winning the hero in the end?

Thankfully that won’t be a problem here.  Here at Ed’s House-of-Ugly we have two (2!) wondrously ugly in their own special ways pendant lamps.

We said business was good. By good we meant horrific and likely to cause retinal damage.

On the left: a circa 1975 hanging lamp. The exterior is a plastic shell with glass prisms hanging in the cut-outs. It is illuminated from within by three (!) nightlight sized bulbs and appears to have never been dusted. SOLD!!

On the right: an amber glass upside-down teardrop pendant lamp with applique scrolls and flowers. It is lit with a single bulb behind a perforated metal screen. Oddly the only on/off switch is located inside the lamp and under the metal screen, so turning it on or off while leaving it plugged in shouldn’t be a priority (unless you want to put an in-line switch in). SOLD!

November 18, 2010

Rare Contemporary Art Sculpture

“Coffee Cup Left on a Table”

Get it soon before the cream curdles and it becomes tomorrow’s garbage.


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