So-Called “Martha Washington” Sewing Cabinet

So-called because this style cabinet wasn’t popular until the 1920’s. Everyone was broke during the Great Depression and manufacturers were looking for smaller wares to sell at affordable prices.

The type of table Martha would have had usually had an open shelf with two open compartments at the ends, later styles might include two drawers instead of the center compartment.

The addition of the third drawer and the use of the Soss invisible hinge (patented November 1911) for the flap lids are indicators that Martha hadn’t been sewing for quite some time when her name was appropriated for this style cabinet.

Disregarding the accuracy of historical nomenclature, it’s a very useful piece. The drawers are different depths, and the end compartments are about a forearm’s depth, making them good for storing knitting or other projects in process.

27 inches wide, 14 deep and 29 inches tall.


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