Not Fit For Foreign Use: American Family Food Scale In Avocado

Things have changed since this scale was made. Not only in the size of individuals in the family, but in the make up of the family itself.

Alone this 1970’s vintage kitchen scale isn’t enough to control portion size (and the subsequent effects of overeating) but it is one potential tool in the kitchen arsenal. For those who object the the changing make-up of the American Family we suggest hiding your head in the sand, living under a large rock or building a time machine*.

It’s in good condition and seems to work correctly. We don’t recommend it for postal use or international commerce (Note the fine print: Not Legal For Trade).

*Essentially the same effect could be had by moving  somewhere where particular aspects of the theory of relativity don’t apply, like the vast wasteland of the Midwest and much of small-town America.

Sometime I miss this, but then I remember in the small towns where I lived the Theory of Relativity was based on who your kin were. If you were related to the right or wrong folks you’d get the job (or not).  If the wrong sheriff pulled you over you’d get a ticket, or a trip out into the woods where they’d leave you to walk home.  By the time you begin to understand it as an outsider you’ve probably made some bad associations.


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