Vintage Wardrobe For The Coat Of The Wife Of Bath

This is a BCM/HL Registered Design which is a mark of high quality furniture. Well, I hope it is.

The BCM/HL label seems to be something of an enigma, with no one exactly sure what it stands for. I did a little looking around and it seems that BCM most likely stands for Bath Cabinet Makers.

Not the ‘rubba-dub-dub’ kind of bath, but Bath, England, which might be most familiar from reading Chaucer in high school.

The HL component of the name is unknown to me but it should be decipherable with access to the correct references (which I don’t have).

Bath Cabinet Maker’s was founded in 1895 and claimed to produce the highest quality furniture in England. At some point after the late 1960’s the company was absorbed into the Herman Miller empire, however the brand survived to some degree at least as late as 1984.

This armoire/wardrobe is about 40 inches wide, 77 inches tall and 17 inches deep. It is in great condition and has two clothes hanging bars in the upper section, with attached hooks. Below is a full width drawer.

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