Vintage Frigidaire Quickube Ice Cube Trays

Summer is coming and with it the need for cold drinks and ice cubes to do the job.  Just pull the lever and you’ll hear one of the quintessential sounds of modern summertime, the cracking of ice in an ice-cube tray.

We have four regular trays and one double tray, they are in great condition and are just over 11 inches long. They’re made from aluminum so we can be assured that they are BPA free too.

The single trays are $5 each and the double is $10.

Nunc est bibendum!

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2 Comments to “Vintage Frigidaire Quickube Ice Cube Trays”

  1. It looks like these are still available – is that correct? If so, I’d like to buy all 5 ice cube trays.



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