Gravy. All day. Everyday. GARAGE SALE FIND

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Gravy deserves to be its own food group, as it can be consumed anytime of day with almost any kind of food. At least, That’s what I think. So what could possibly be better than a boat of country sausage gravy simmering on one’s counter day in and day out? Sounds like a dream to me.

This week’s Garage Sale find is the Crock-Pot ‘Gravy Mate’ electric gravy warmer. Holds 18 ounces of your favorite gravy, syrup or fondu! I have to say, this makes me hungry for one of my dad’s specialties, ‘Sh*t On A Shingle’.  As you may have assumed, it is a not a complex meal . . . A piece of white toast topped with instant mashed potatoes, smothered in country gravy (probably from a can). The man is many things, a culinary genus is not one of them.

2 Comments to “Gravy. All day. Everyday. GARAGE SALE FIND”

  1. My dad loved this toast, gravy concoction. Probably because he lived through the 30′s. But Mom gussied it up with a slice or two of chipped beef. Remember that stuff – came in a jar that we then used for juice glasses.

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