Not Just For Chickens Anymore. Antique Incubator Table

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This isn’t the first time we’ve expanded the Estate Store product line to include farm equipment. And not the first time for poultry related gear either but this is definitely the first time we’ve had an antique incubator table.

It is about 100 years old and was designed and sold by Oregon’s own famous poultry leader, E. J. McClanahan of Eugene. It is in quite good condition and measures 30 1/2 inches deep, 33 tall and 40 wide, not including the heater/lamp bit at the end.

There are two drawers and two folding doors opening onto sliding screen bottomed shelves. While these once held eggs and baby chicks they’d be suitable for other uses too.

It’d make an interesting work table for example.

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One Comment to “Not Just For Chickens Anymore. Antique Incubator Table”

  1. Interesting piece of history. Looks to be in great shape. I have one that i use as an coffee table. Shortened the legs as they were rotting from being in standing water when i found mine in a barn, removed the heating element. Mine was from the ‘Shur-Hatch” incubator company of Lincoln Neb. Made of cedar and a conversation maker when done.


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