Will We Have A Rush On Commemorative Steins?


Let’s see . . . beer stein celebrating six years of ‘excellence in broadcasting.’ NPR was founded in 1970 . . . these then date to  . . . 1976!

You know, back when NPR wasn’t stodgy and decadent and they not only had a sense of humor but also PLAYED MUSIC instead of just an endless stream of chattering shows.

No wonder Rush looks so young and not visibly ravaged by clogged bile ducts.

Oh wait.

Show your friends, enemies and frenemies what you really think of them (not that I’ll speculate what that might be) by getting one (or all) of these Rush Limbaugh steins. They seem to be unused except for maybe the odd bit of water used to wash down a handful of pills for purely medicinal purposes.

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5 Comments to “Will We Have A Rush On Commemorative Steins?”

  1. Ha! They’re made in Germany. Why that’s un-Amercan. ;)

  2. came in on Sunday to buy them; but the clerks new nothing about them?


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