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April 21, 2010

Chair Affair Wrap Up! Thanks For The Everything!

The dust has finally settled, the clean up crew has come and gone, the bean counters have counted, the Chair Affair 2010 is over with.

Thanks everyone for making this a hugely successful event. The combined efforts of everyone involved raised in excess of $130,000. This money will pay for nearly 1,000 families that are transitioning into homes and need basic furnishings and household essentials.

Thank you all for helping out!

April 7, 2010

Chair Affair Jewels 2010: Gayla Faustman-Buyukas, Lois Gold, Glenn Decherd

April 6, 2010

Chair Affair 2010: Barbara Hart & Ed and Donna LaPlante

April 5, 2010

Chair Affair Art 2010: Barry Finkel, Brauna Ritchie, Rosanne Sachson, Cathy Rae Smith,

April 4, 2010

Chair Affair Furniture & Art 2010: Laura Joy Fendel, Mark Schlemmer, Julie Ann Smith

April 3, 2010

Chair Affair Art 2010: Julie Jade Cowperthwaite, Robin Esterkin, Kristine Lebow, Marian Evensen

April 2, 2010

Chair Affair Photographs & Art 2010: Anne Tileston, Matt Condron, Carol Isaak, April Kline

April 1, 2010

Chair Affair 2010: Non-Acoustic Musical Chair

Sing, Sing!

Will not work on household current.

Chair Affair Party SOLD OUT!

But you can buy some chairs (and other art)!

March 31, 2010

Chair Affair Chairs and Art About Chairs 2010 : Steven Birnbaum, Morgan Pasisnski, Galadriel Breezy, Paige Stoyer

March 29, 2010

Chair Affair 2010: Shellinda Hampton, Bev Snow-Kuehn, Chauntalle Guptill

Chair Affair Party SOLD OUT!

But you can buy some chairs (and other art)! Click on the pictures!


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