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February 11, 2013

Vintage Keeler Roosterware Chip & Dip

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Here’s and interesting chip and dip style dish (or four variety pickle emporia). It is triangular in form with three shallow bowls and the back of the rooster lifts off to expose a central well.

It is marked in the bottom B.B.K Made In USA 229. B.B.K is the mark of Brad B. Keeler and this work was made by his short lived California company after World War Two. The company foundered in the early 1950′s after Mr Keeler died from a heart attack in 1952 at the youthful age of 39.

It is in very good condition and measures about 13 inches across and 65 1/2 inches tall. there s a cut out slot in the back of the chicken for a spoon. Since the spoon is missing I’m not sure if this was sold with a ceramic spoon or if the end user was supposed to supply their own.

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February 10, 2013

Vintage Thermos In Stripes

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Memory is a strange thing. For me this pre-1962 J.C.Higgins (Sears) thermos evokes a hand-me-down shirt I had in elementary school. It was about 10 years out of fashion at the time. Luckily I was well acquainted with the school librarians so I had both a place of refuge and good friends (i.e., books) there too.  The problem with the library is they always frowned upon having food and drink so the refuge was temporary. Eventually I’d have to leave that sanctuary due to hunger or thirst. With a  thermos camouflaged to match my shirt I could have held out much longer. . .

This thermos is missing the drinking cup/cap but it is in good shape otherwise. The rubber stopper is still flexible and the glass vacuum bottle liner is in good condition. I consider it a minor miracle but the interior appear clean without any aged and smelly remains from that killer of a poorly washed thermos: coffee with milk.  It stands about 11 1/2 inches tall and holds one quart.

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February 10, 2013

Set Of Chinese Nesting Tables

2 8 015

We have three of these carved nesting tables. Given the size break-down I think there may have been a fourth which is now missing. Regardless they are still pretty nice and would work well as a set or individually.

They are in good condition and have carved legs and horizontal stretchers. The two larger tables are marked “Made In China.”  Although there has been a great proliferation on the market of fake “Made in China” antiques, these don’t seem to be one of those items. I suspect they were sold in the 1980′s given that they show minor signs of use but don’t have a ‘fake’ looking finish which tries to fool one into thinking they are old pieces.

The largest table measures 19 inches wide, 14 inches deep and 26 1/2 inches tall.

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February 9, 2013

Four Piece Playboy Bar Set

1 30 023

As advertised in 1975:

The Playboy bar tool set – the proper beginning to an excellent drink! Four stainless steel tools have the Playboy decal on extra-long handles which makes them easier to use. Bottle opener, can openers, fruit fork, easy grip corkscrew. 

In original box these are in excellent condition so they have probably been used once or twice but not much more. As noted they are stainless steel with the Playboy logo repeated on the handles. the reverse side of the handles is tropical hardwood.

How I wish these had come in with the (now sold) Maneater Gin martini set back in early December. That would have made for some fun commentary.

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February 8, 2013

Vintage Le Creuset Cast Iron Enamel 7.5″ Frying Pan


Available at the Estate Store Tualatin is a beautiful blue Le Creuset cast iron skillet in near new condition. Is your valentine a foodie? Surprise them with this timeless piece of cookware while supporting your scrappy, local furniture bank.


February 8, 2013

Set Of Four Han Wegner CH29 “Sawbuck” Dining Chairs

2 7 001

We were surprised and pleased to get this fabulous set of four Hans Wegner “Sawbench” chairs (a.k.a. the sawbuck or savbukstolen chair).

Originally designed for Carl Hansen & Son in 1951 these fit securely with the peak years of some of Wegner’s most famous designs. For example the iconic Wishbone Chair was designed just the previous year and this is only four years after he designed his famous rocking chair.

When we first received them they were pretty dirty but thanks to an intrepid volunteer (Thanks Evy!) they are now presentable. Now that the dirt is gone I’d consider them to be in good condition with some minor and appropriate signs of age. Wear includes one smallish sized linear tear in a seat, some slight water marks and slight variations in the color of the wood from sunlight and such.

They are useable as is or you could re-upholster and/or refinish them and they would be stunning pieces.

$1200 for the set of four.

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February 7, 2013

Cool Vintage Danish Side Chair

12 28 012

We have only one of these neat chairs. It is cleverly constructed so that the horizontal members which hold the back rest also act as built-in sculptural handle.

I should know who the designer or manufacturer is but after looking through about 10,000 pictures without success* I’m giving up. I do know that it was made in Denmark.

It is in excellent condition and it stands about 31 1/2 inches tall.  $135

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*Or with severely limited success. One of our associates did find others like this one, but the folks that had them didn’t know who the designer was either.

February 7, 2013

Tropical Hardwood Dining Table

2 6 004

After squishing the small alien squelching across the kitchen floor you realize you forgot to prepare a main course for tonight’s dinner party and guests are expected in moments. You heat up a fine copper bottomed saute pan with a few tablespoons of oil, whip up a quick batter and thinly slice the alien.  The first guests arrive and with the hour no one notices how well the”calamari” pairs with the Nabooian Blossom Wine.

They will notice the table and you can say “Oh, this little thing? It’s something I found on a little over oxygenated primitive planet orbiting an obscure G-type main-sequence star at the edge of the galaxy. No big deal.”

This table is in like new condition and it measures 72 inches long, 36 inches wide and the usual (30 inches) height.

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February 6, 2013

The World

2 5 029

The world is somewhat out of focus.  This is to be expected since it is such a big place and getting a perch where one can see the whole thing clearly is such a difficult task (or I could use a higher f-stop).

In this case though it is also partially the fault of the resolution of the representation. This Rand McNally World Portrait Globe shows landscape and seafloor features. On the land these are indicated by a little bit of relief and color gradations and pattern changes, under the sea they used color and pattern changes only. All in all it gives a good, if slightly blurry, overview of the wrinkled and crinkled surface of the world.

Given that East and West Germany are still separate countries and Russia is still the Soviet Union  this globe predates 1990. However, Vietnam is shown as a unified country and what was formerly called Saigon is now Ho Chi Minh City so it post dates 1976.

The globe itself is about 12 inches in diameter and stands 16 inches tall. It is in good condition.

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February 6, 2013

Go On, Take The Cake

1 30

To the mall, or the beach, a church picnic, maybe to a dinner and a nice movie afterwards. Wherever it suits you really.

This nice old Decoware* cake carrier  will help make it possible. It is in good condition and can easily hold a 9 inch diameter frosted cake It can just barely hold a10 inch cake if you’re extremely careful putting the lid on and perhaps go without frosting (Horror!). The maximum dimensions of the carrier are 11 3/4 inches in diameter and 5 1/2 inches tall.

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*Decoware was a product of the Continental Can Company as the three nested C’s  in the lower right corner of the logo indicates.


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