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November 17, 2013

Formerly Parts, Now A Nice Antique Recliner

11 16 005

I could have used something like this the winter I spent house sitting an 18th century farmhouse out at the end of an old road, on the high ground they favored at the time. I spent many hours in front of the fireplace, reading Icelandic sagas and believing* there’d be a day I’d feel my toes again. It was a pretty special time, but a good, comfortable reading chair would have done a lot to improve the living conditions.

We got it in pieces and after some curse laden work we’ve managed to get it back together. It is in good condition and, with the aid of a button in the right arm it reclines nicely.  It was made in Sturgis, Michigan and sold as the Royal Chair (a.k.a. The Push Button King).

The makers brass plate label shows patents awarded in 1899 and 1900 so this piece is probably from the first decade of the 20th century.

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*Highlighting one of the problems of belief systems. There may be a possibility of the belief coming true, but one has to survive freezing long enough to reap the rewards. It was a close one.

November 16, 2013

Vintage Punch Bowl, Cups & Ladle

11 13 039


Punch has become passé.

And punch is much maligned due to brand devolution, the excesses of ill-mannered frat kids and the ready availability of low-grade fruit juice.

But it need not be.

Punch, properly prepared is interesting a distinct diversion from the normal. There is even an opportunity to add the beverage as a literary or historic player in a holiday gathering.

To do so though one needs a punch bowl, or more exactly to do that with any hint of sophistication*one needs a punch bowl. Having cups and a ladle are a nice boon too.

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*We would use the big salad bowl and mason jars, but some of my people are a bit . . . unrefined. Which is the way I like them. They may not clean up well or eat with the right fork, but if they had two mice and you had none, they’d give you one.

November 16, 2013

Fine British Pub Table

11 15 002

Another very nice vintage British pub table. It is oak, has two slide-out leaves and is in great condition. It measures about 35 3/4 inches across by 36 1/4 inches deep and each leaf adds 11 3/4 inches to the table top.

These tables are classics for good reason, they work great, don’t take up a huge space and practically invite one to have friends over for rarebit, a pint or two and a game of darts.


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November 15, 2013

Duck Books

11 8 019

Top Flight Speed Index to Waterfowl of North America (Field Guide in Full Color), by John A. Ruthven and William Zimmerman, 1965.

I’d really hoped this was actually a speed reference, not an easy to use reference. It’d be great for making casual bets, “Why Emmet I do believe that the Pale-Bellied Brant is faster off the mark than the Hooded Merganser, care to put a fiver on it?” Unfortunately it’s just an easy to use reference book. Still though it’d be handy for finding out basic information on waterfowl, should one have the need. $8

Ducks, Geese and Swans of North America by Kortright. A comprehensive reference book that’ll tell you more than you probably ever cared to know about ducks, geese and swans. There is even a two and one half page discussion of various flying speeds and of all things a top speed chart. Take that Speed Index. In good condition, copiously illustrated. This is the second edition from 1943 so it may be dated a bit, even if the birds themselves haven’t changed much in the interim. $8

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November 15, 2013

More Quilts! And Blankets!

As winter approaches we’re going through the quilt and  blanket pile. Here are a few more. As always detailed shots are in the slide show at the end and we invite you to contact us if you have any questions.

11 13 027

Vintage hand stitched quilt. It measures 66 x 76 inches and it is in good condition. $75

11 13 029

Vintage ‘Log Cabin’ pattern quilt. It is hand stitched and measures 68 x 82 inches. It is in fair to good condition due to some minor stains (likely removable) and worn edges. SOLD

11 13 032

Wool J.C Penny Polar Star/Golden Dawn multi-stripe imitation Hudson’s Bay trapper style blanket. Ca., 1950, 75 x 86 inches. It too is in fair to good condition. Again due to minor stains which are likely removable. $80

11 13 035

This is an unusual find for this side of the Pacific Ocean, a Waverley blanket, made in Australia. It is in excellent condition, appears to have been recently cleaned and measures 82 x 98 inches. SOLD

UPDATE: These particular blankets and quilts are gone but we continue to have a number on hand.

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November 14, 2013

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall . . . Lie To Me

11 12 009
Does this sweatshirt make me look fat? Is wearing the same ‘variation on a theme’ outfit day after day a bad thing? Is it a sign of a lack of creativity? Goodness, are those new wrinkles?  Today isn’t going to matter in ten years, right?

Unusual mirror with curvaceous frame. It is in good condition and measures 39 inches tall by 25 1/2 inches wide.

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November 14, 2013

Six Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

11 12 001

These Scandinavian modern chairs appear to be unmarked but they look American to me. They are in quite good condition, so much that I suspect the upholstery was redone and they might have been refinished in the last 20 years or so. There are five side chairs and one with arms.

In general they measure about 33 inches tall, 21 inches deep and 19 1/2 inches wide.

$525 for the set

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November 13, 2013

Well-Loved Plycraft Eames Chair & Ottoman

11 12 023

Plycraft Eames chair and ottoman copy dating to maybe the 1980’s.  Overall it is in fair condition.  Let’s call it well-loved as it was extensively used but probably not abused, except maybe on the odd Saturday night, kind of like the liver of a non-profit employee.

It has a few notable flaws. The seat buttons are missing (pretty typical), the leading edges of the arm rests are worn and the back edge of the right side arm rest is actually worn through. It could use a wee bit of cleaning here and there too.

Originally purchased at Meier & Frank.


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November 13, 2013

Couroc Trays!

11 12 014

Two more of the widely distributed ever useful trays by Couroc of Monterey. They are ‘impervious to alcohol and boiling water’ and so perfect for serving  Hot Toddys, mulled wine or other potent warmed beverages.

The round tray measures about 10 inches in diameter and features a view of a San Francisco street car. $10

The rectangular tray measures 9 1/2 by 12 1/2 and features California Poppies, those rugged weed like beauties. $12

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November 12, 2013

Jantzen ‘Diving Girl’ Decals

11 8 015

Vintage swag from what was once Portland’s own venerable swimwear company.

We have six transfer decals and a bath towel. The decal papers are each about 8 1/4 inches long and feature the world famous “Diving Girl.” Given that these are decals and the style of the logo we’d guess they date to the 1950’s. They are all in very good condition and seem to be still useable if one wished.


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