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February 14, 2013

Say It With Pineapples

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Let’s face it. Love is not all chocolate and roses. It’s a lot of having a tough skin, compact leaves, savoring the sweetness at the core of things and hoping it didn’t sit on the shelf too long and turn a bit icky.

It’s sort of pineapple-like.

And there’s the problem of finding a course between light and dark and, in other-words . . . we have a pair of pineapple lamps and it’s February 14th.

These lamps stand 36 inches tall. We’re selling them as a pair. They work fine too.

February 13, 2013

Cold Coffee In Just 12-14 Hours!


Warehouse Manager: Hey, this looks kinda neat, what is it?

Me: It’s the ‘Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker’…

Warehouse Manager: Well hopefully it doesn’t take an hour to brew! (he says in jest, then reads the instruction manual) Nope, it takes 12-14 hours…

Me: You gotta be kidding me…

That’s right people, now available at the Estate Store in Tualatin is modern looking, cold brew coffee maker that one must plan far, far ahead to operate. No longer do you need to just plop in a couple ice cubes to your coffee, or leave a mug of joe on your desk unattended for 20 minutes. That is sooo 2012! Just load up your coffee at 6:00pm and by 8:00am you should have some nice… cold… coffee. (obviously we question the usefulness of this machine) However, it does advertise that it makes a tasty cup’a without all the acid’a. So maybe if one is prone to heartburn and has time to kill (or is good at planning ahead) this could be the right coffee maker for you.

One other caveat: We can’t seem to get the filter out. Literally 3 warehouse employees gave it a try and all were unsuccessful. So perhaps we are just waiting for our King Arthur to arrive to extract the Excalibur of coffee filters. Then we will know it was meant to be!

UPDATE: The filter has been extracted by our fearless Enterprise Manager. Thus there is a new King of the Coffee Kingdom.

Comes with the original box and ‘User’s Guide’.


February 13, 2013

It Is The Size It Seems Because

1 30 012

It’s scale.

Yeah that was a stinker of a gag but times are tough all around and sometimes the comedic well runs a bit dry.

This vintage scale was made by the Pelouze Manufacturing Company of Chicago. It shows the mass of object placed in the upper tray in 1 oz. increments up to a total of 24 pounds (maybe more if it reads accurately over that and you can do a little math on the fly).

We have not tested it for accuracy and we do know, thank to the clear markings, that it is “not legal for trade.”

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February 12, 2013

Vintage Raffiaware Mugs

2 5 013

Set of nine 1950’s vintage “raffiaware” mugs.

Raffia is the type the palm from which the decorative fibers inside the  plastic shells are made from. The colored interiors are probably melamine.

These are in good condition overall, unmarked and measure about 3 3/4 inches tall.

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February 12, 2013

Handy Ex-Typewriter Table

2 8 018

This nice little table started life as a stand for a typewriter. Somewhere along the way (probably about the time typewriters became obsolete) someone removed the lifting bits that would keep the table steady while bearing massive, dinosaur-like burden of sunset era typewriters.

Free of these dual encumbrances this table found a new life. I’m not sure as what but in the past week it has been a great help as a handy tool stand, a support for a wonky table, stool to rest weary legs and a holding place for lunch.

It is in good ‘post industrial’ condition and stands 26 inches tall. The top is 17 1/2 inches wide and 14 inches deep.

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February 12, 2013

The Gravy Separator As A Metaphor

Wiffenpoofle! It’s not just a means of separating the fat from gravy, or getting only low or higher fat gravy, it’s a metaphor; Get with it!

With these words Angry Beaver took over the public radio pledge drive.

Sure, it’s all well and good to tell everyone how essential we are to their lives and all that blah, blah, blah but what we need is to de-humanize the face of public radio.

What we need are spokes-animals!

What’s not to like about a benevolent all-knowing horse? There’s some Fresh Air for you!

Unfortunately for you though  . .  we ran a a test with our focus-groups and though it was a close vote between a french-poodle and the little sailor boy, the poodle lost. At least the public is willing to see you as a person, on the other hand they see you as a person, which doesn’t bode well for your future as a spokes animal, trust me . . .

Ummmm . . . Ms/Mr. Beaver . . . Sir/Ma’am . . . I uh . . .

Hey! It’s already been decided by the secret neo-leftist cabal at headquarters. You don’t get to be a spokes-animal and you should be happy we’re keeping you around at all.

After all, I know you’re smart and got your Ph. D. studying the Bio-mechanics Of The Origami Jumping Frog. . . but you made a key mistake.  

I reviewed your work and everyone knows that in a paper frog leg you can’t assume the bending stress is evenly distributed and use the formula Mb=(σbh) h/2 to calculate the load. You really should have gone with: Mb=σmaxbh2/6, where the bending stress is not evenly distributed through the bending member. Duh!

This accounts for the compression and elastic stress and gives a result about 1/3rd as much as the formula you used.  Yes, Galileo used the same formula you did but times have changed and he was a genius.

That kind of missed detail might get you an origami bio-mechanics degree or a job at an off-balanced ‘news’ source but we’re Radio and we have standards!

Now go get me a coffee.

This neo-leftist cabal inspired gravy separator is 6 3/4 inches king by 8 inches deep, including the handle. If you call now we’ll throw in an official tote bag or coffee mug signed by the evil genius himself. Wiffenpoof song sheet music sold separately.

Operators are standing sitting reclining idly by.

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February 11, 2013

Psychedelic Bucolic Paint By Numbers

2 8 007

Summer Scenes by the Art Award Company (#5KKK). Although it seems improbably psychedelic the colors this is painted with are likely the colors this set was actually shipped with, thereby turning the company name into a statement of snide irony rather than a promise of accolades to come.

If the colors were in the expected real world range it’d be just another bucolic scene. However,  bright yellow, crazy plum and green clouds is what makes this a memorable* work.

In the current frame this measures 8 3/4 by 10 3/4 inches.

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*Says the person who has a painting of seven pink pigeons prominently displayed . . .

February 11, 2013

Vintage Keeler Roosterware Chip & Dip

2 8 002

Here’s and interesting chip and dip style dish (or four variety pickle emporia). It is triangular in form with three shallow bowls and the back of the rooster lifts off to expose a central well.

It is marked in the bottom B.B.K Made In USA 229. B.B.K is the mark of Brad B. Keeler and this work was made by his short lived California company after World War Two. The company foundered in the early 1950’s after Mr Keeler died from a heart attack in 1952 at the youthful age of 39.

It is in very good condition and measures about 13 inches across and 65 1/2 inches tall. there s a cut out slot in the back of the chicken for a spoon. Since the spoon is missing I’m not sure if this was sold with a ceramic spoon or if the end user was supposed to supply their own.

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February 10, 2013

Vintage Thermos In Stripes

2 8 013

Memory is a strange thing. For me this pre-1962 J.C.Higgins (Sears) thermos evokes a hand-me-down shirt I had in elementary school. It was about 10 years out of fashion at the time. Luckily I was well acquainted with the school librarians so I had both a place of refuge and good friends (i.e., books) there too.  The problem with the library is they always frowned upon having food and drink so the refuge was temporary. Eventually I’d have to leave that sanctuary due to hunger or thirst. With a  thermos camouflaged to match my shirt I could have held out much longer. . .

This thermos is missing the drinking cup/cap but it is in good shape otherwise. The rubber stopper is still flexible and the glass vacuum bottle liner is in good condition. I consider it a minor miracle but the interior appear clean without any aged and smelly remains from that killer of a poorly washed thermos: coffee with milk.  It stands about 11 1/2 inches tall and holds one quart.

2 8 014

February 10, 2013

Set Of Chinese Nesting Tables

2 8 015

We have three of these carved nesting tables. Given the size break-down I think there may have been a fourth which is now missing. Regardless they are still pretty nice and would work well as a set or individually.

They are in good condition and have carved legs and horizontal stretchers. The two larger tables are marked “Made In China.”  Although there has been a great proliferation on the market of fake “Made in China” antiques, these don’t seem to be one of those items. I suspect they were sold in the 1980’s given that they show minor signs of use but don’t have a ‘fake’ looking finish which tries to fool one into thinking they are old pieces.

The largest table measures 19 inches wide, 14 inches deep and 26 1/2 inches tall.

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